Our Chocolate Bonbons


As a chocolatier, we take responsibility in supporting cacao tree farmers and sustainability. We use cacao-trace certified chocolates to support farmers, allowing them to focus on mastering the process of cacao beans. As a result we are guaranteed to receive the highest quality chocolates for generations to come.


Milk Chocolate

Hand-crafted pralines coated in milk chocolate containing a subtle mix of caramel & mokka with a touch of roasted cocoa bean flavour. Cultivated & safeguarded by our Cacao-Trace farmers in Asia's "little Venice", Vietnam.

milk chocolate YF pastissier chocolatier

Contains nuts


Contains gluten

Dark Chocolate

Hand-crafted pralines coated in cacao-trace certified dark chocolate with an intense long lasting cocoa flavour. A hint of a fresh fruity note & slightly roasted cocoa taste.

dark chocolate.png

Our products are made with fresh ingredients to enhance their original flavours.

Please consume within 2 weeks of purchase.

Store them in a cool dry place for the best experience. 

Do not refrigerate.

To order our chocolate, please call us or send an email.