Our Products

YF Patissier-Chocolatier offers a range of artisanal fresh breads, viennoiseries, cakes, savouries, biscuits and chocolates.




Every chocolate YF makes has a story to tell. From bonbons to tablets, Yoonhee x François offers you a wide variety of rich, flavourful chocolates. We use more than just a hint of cocoa. Tasting our Chocolate is an indulgent experience that invokes feelings of warmth and joy. 


Cake & Tart 

Our collection of patisseries are artistically designed for unrivalled aesthetics, flavour and texture to give you the perfect accompaniment to all of life’s celebrations.


All of our croissants and pastry items are skillfully laminated and made with pure butter. They are baked fresh every day by our team.  We offer a range of classic French croissants and an assortment of new, unique creations.



Whether you want to treat yourself to a delicious snack or offer a gift of love, our variety of cookies will deliver joy with each bite and make you feel special. All of them are baked fresh and packaged with care.


All our different croissant types are made and baked fresh everyday by our team. Making croissants take time and skills so allow yourself the time to sit down with your favourite hot drink and really enjoy every bit of your croissant.



If you are craving something more salty or cheesy our sandwiches & quiches will make the perfect lunch. They are made fresh every day in our store, and handcrafted with natural ingredients. 

To order our pastries and cakes, please call us or send an email.